Artist: Emily Burridge

Title: Earth Songs

Produced by: Emily Burridge

Label/ Date: Self release 1995/2002


1. Waking Freedom [4:29]
2. Running Man [7:56]
3. Listen To The Kogi Speak [6:12]
4. Voices of the Earth [6:16]
5. Echoes of the Forest [5:56]
6. Yanomami [7:16]
7. Crow [4:14]
8. Colours of the Dawning part 1 [5:21]
9. Colours of the Dawning part 2 [4:49]

The Review:

Emily Burridge’s music can be best described as ambient with ethnic roots. Her inspiration for this recording starts in 1992 when she made a journey to the Mato Grosso Forest and the Amazon Forest of Brazil. There she came across traditional singing, in which she recorded and edited to infuse them with her mellow cello & singing.

Emily’s empathy towards the tribal people shows in some of her lyrics. The end result is unique blend of classical harmonies & percussion, tribal & ancient instruments to create a rather amazing musical and spiritual experience. To give a reference to her voice, you can think of Kate Bush, Sarah MacLachlan and Tori Amos.

If you dare to venture into a realm of beautiful sometimes haunting cello playing backed by some tribal rhythms then please go to Emily’s website and listen to the samples provided and make your purchase today.

~Ron for [September 21st, 2003]

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Band Members:

Emily Burridge - Cello, vocals, synthesizers
Jody Prescott - Drums and ethnic percussion on tracks 2 & 3
Shozo Nagao - Didgeridoo on tracks 1 & 2

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