Artist/ Band: Emily Bezar
Title: Moon In Grenadine
Label: DemiVox Records
Year of Release: 1998
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The Review:

Emily Bezar returns with her second album, Moon in Grenadine. This time itís more upbeat yet still retaining her trademark vocal stylings she showcased in Grandmotherís Tea Leaves. Emily Bezar fills the gap nicely between Tori Amos and Kate Bush. She takes both of their sounds and creates, what I believe to be a unique and original style bordering on progressive and jazz.

Iíve been so lucky to be able to enjoy all of Emilyís works but the one that gets listened to the most is Moon In Grenadine. Not saying the others are bad but this one is a bit more accessible to my ears. As time permits I always pull this one out and give it a listen all the way through. It would be great to hear more of her songs done like on Moon In Grenadine but I realize as an artist she must grow, so to ask for a sequel, would stump her creative growth.

I have to recommend this to be your first Emily Bezar cd to get followed by the others. In fact, on Emilyís site she offers them all as a package deal thatís worth getting. So come on now all of you fans of Tori and Kate, get your wallet or purse out, go to Emilyís site and purchase your copies today!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on , 2005


1. 40 Mansions
2. Mosquito in the Shade
3. White Cedar
4. Dream Gasoline
5. Opiate Cheer
6. Rain in Calgary
7. Gingerbread
8. Chevalier Lune
9. In This House
10. Dancing Past Elysium
11. Ever Mine

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