Artist/ Band: Emily Bezar
Title: Grandmother's Tea Leaves
Label: Olio Records
Year of Release: 1993
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The Review:

Grandmotherís Tea Leaves is Emily Bezarís debut solo album which contains some of her most artistic music to date. Itís more geared to the progressive side of music so it may not be an easy listen for most audiences. This album is to me, what Tori Amos, could have recorded if she wasnít under the watchful eye of a major label pushing for hits. After several listens, I come to believe this is Emilyís most personal album with a beauty to it that set the standards for her next three releases.

In many ways this album could be considered a early companion to her latest cd Angelsí Abacus based solely on the similarity in the approach. While Angelsí Abacus has a more jazz leaning, Grandmotherís Tea Leaves has a more orchestral vibe to it especially in the vocals. I really have enjoyed Grandmotherís Tea Leaves, even though itís the least accessible record of her career. I do believe itís an important album, not only being her first but that it shows that even females can be a creative force in music not just ear candy or a novelty act.

If this perks your interest, but need to hear Emilyís music. Youíre in luck! On her site she has samples as well as full downloadable tracks but I recommend you purchase the albums out right. Itíll help support one of musicís most underrated artists plus you get to read the booklets, thatís something you canít do with downloads.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on December 6th, 2005


1. Hypertrophia
2. Avalanche
3. I Really Donít
4. Grandmotherís Tea Leaves
5. La Place Dauphine
6. Just Like Orestes
7. I Tear Down
8. Barricade
9. Rest Me Here
10. Madameís Reverie

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