Artist/ Band: Emily Bezar
Title: Four Walls Bending
Label: DemiVox Records
Year of Release: 1999
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The Review:

Emily Bezarís musical pallette changes with each release, her third release Four Walls Bending is no exception. This is a very electric sounding album with more guitar present than some of her other releases. Four Walls Bending can be appreciated by fans of progressive rock especially with angelic yet quirky female vocals. Often I find that her vocals are reminiscent of Tori Amos and Kate Bush. In my opinion, her songs are only what Tori has dreamed of doing and closer to the instrumentation found on early Kate Bush songs. Emily truly is a talented singer and musician that deserves more exposure.

The highlights of this album are the opener, Velvet Eye as well as the title track but they're all winners.

Last year I had the pleasure of reviewing her fourth album, Angels' Abacus so it was nice to be able to hear another of her previous works. Since then, Emily Bezar has become one of my favorite modern female singers of all time and thank goodness the "evil" mainstream labels haven't got their claws into her. So do your ears a favor, get out your wallets and buy Four Walls Bending, in fact buy all four of her releases on her site. Help support a great singer/ musician like Emily today!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on April 26th, 2005


1. Velvet Eye
2. Kingdom Come
3. Four Walls Bending
4. Lead
5. Filigree of Noon
6. Sigh
7. Maybe So
8. Black Sand
9. Rondo
10. His Everything

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