Artist/ Band: Electric Outlet
Title: On!
Label: Lion Music
Year of Release: 2006
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The Review:

Woah…”Electric Outlet”…I rarely have listened to such an energetic album! Empty of lyrics, we have, once again, a product of the highest quality, played with a lot of emotion. You can feel that the four musicians are having a load of fun while playing and the magic works till and through us. The four instruments are played fastidiously and all of them deserve a good applause for their complexity and deepness. This is the first time guitarist Marcus Deml (from “Errorhead”), bassist Frank Itt, keyboardist Tom Aeschbacher and drummer Ralf Gustke (all from various other bands) unite together to do this one project.

While some instrumental albums are made to relax and to “dream”, to reduce the pressure and stress that is over you, some others are made to put you in a good mood and to move you. To give you power and energy. This is the case of “On!”. Particularly in tracks like “Comprendes”, “Propellerhead”, “We Need A Plan” and “Tekky”. The guitars and bass here are the strongest aspects. Very fast. The tracks last also long enough to have time to enjoy them.

“Odd Garage” is a bit bluesy and languorous. While some others like “Gold III” (my favourite one. The keys are amazing and the track is very warm) and “Miles Away” may have a slight dose of “groove” and “lounge”. Especially in the way the keys are played.

“On!” is unquestionably a special and powerful album that stands out but I still could say that if you like Joop Wolters’ music, you’ll also enjoy “Electric Outlet” very much! They both have their own style yet they have the same energy and passion in their WAY of playing. An other album that deserves well a 10/10 rate, in my opinion.

Reviewed by Vikie Martel on August 24th, 2006


1. Comprendes
2. Propellerhead
3. Odd Garage
4. We Need A Plan
5. Wanna Energy
6. Tekky
7. Gold III
8. Miles Ahead
9. Miles Away

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