Artist/ Band: Electric Orange
Title: Morbus
Label: Sulatron Records
Year of Release: 2007
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Electric Orange’s 2007 Morbus is different sounding (at least to my ears) than the previous effort Fleischwerk In addition to the Krautrock, there’s a progressive rock sound present on this release. The band is made up of Dirk Jan Muller (organ, synthesizer, Mellotron and samples), Dirk Bittner (guitar, percussion, voice, harmonium and samples), Tom Ruckwald (bass and contrabass) Silvio Franolic (drums and percussion), and Josef Ahns (guitar and flute).

The songs on Morbus seem to be less improved as Fleischwerk. Perhaps this is due to the more variety of sounds and it’s a little more accessible. This time around I found the music to be more enjoyable while still quite alien to my ears. One song that stands out is “Errorman”. It has a haunting sound that’s accented by some dark organ playing, Fans of the band’s previous work will definitely enjoy this as well as persons like me who aren’t well versed in the Krautrock genre.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on Janaury 9th, 2009


1. Einwahn 7:51
2. Rote Flocken 5:02
3. Span 5 7:55
4. Morbus 5:53
5. Errorman 8:10
6. Flohfunknest 3:31
7. Traumama 4:56
8. Krautschock 7:01
9. Wald 10:17
10. Reaching 4:26
11. Schöhl 2 4:18
12. Sarau 8:32

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