Artist/ Band: Electric Orange
Title: fleischwerk
Label: Sulatron Records
Year of Release: 2005/2008
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The Review:

Electric Orange is a German Krautrock band that plays mainly instrumental and mostly improvised rock that is very influenced by bands like of Tangerine Dream, (early) Pink Floyd and CAN. In 2005 the band released “Fleischwerk” and in 2008 Salutron Records re-issued this album. With 35 minutes of bonus material added. Originally it was released as a limited vinyl edition of 300 copies, which has been long out of print and has become a collectors item.

This is a genre of music that I’m least versed in, so I don’t have a favorite track nor can I honestly say that I’ve enjoyed this release. However I can say that if you’re a fan of the Krautrock genre as well as the aforementioned bands, this should prove to be a worthy addition to your music collection.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on January 9th, 2009


1.trommelfleisch (0:20)
2.koodu (6:12)
3.sonnenbart (9:11)
4.eeemolle (0:30)
5.schatten (3:24)
6.trockenfleisch (0:12)
7.gewächs (5:49)
8.arabon (0:37)
9.schrasng (12:44)

Bonus tracks on CD-release (2008):

10.jubiläton (1:14)
11.sakral (12:20)
12.trommelgemüse (1:49)
13.fleischzusatz (19:36)

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