Artist/ Band: Dug Pinnick
Title: Emotional Animal
Label: Magna Carta
Year of Release: 2005
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The Review:

Dug (Doug) Pinnick, is mostly know for being in the band King's X, but has released his first self named solo album. He has recorded two other albums under the Poundhound moniker. Since Iím not familiar with that output, I canít make any comparisons but I do have a somewhat limited exposure to Kingís X as well as the other band members solo projects to make some comparative comments. One thing that I noticed is his re-spelling or shall I say his ďpersonalizingĒ of his first name, now known as Dug.

Dugís 2005 album "Emotional Animal" is 15 tracks that unfortunately covers ground heís tread upon before. The only difference is heís playing all the instruments himself aside from the drums, played by Joy Gaskill, so itís all Dug this time. Dug's singing and bass playing are in top form as well as his guitar playing which surprisingly isnít too shabby either. Musically thereís the Kingís X vibe going on along with a nod to classic rock and I hear at times some grunge distorted guitar riffs as well as some funk.

I noticed that Emotional Animal has been somewhat overshadowed by Kingís Xís new album Ogre Tones, which was released weeks apart. I havenít heard the Kingís X album aside from one song called Alone but hopefully Emotional Animal will get some good press and exposure. Hey itís not often you get a band that releases an album at the same time as one of itís members. This is without a doubt recommended for his fans as well as modern rock fans.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on October 11th, 2005


1. Crashing
2. Beautiful
3. Change
4. Bite
5. Noon
6. Missing
7. Are You Gonna Come
8. Hey Would You Know
9. Keep Up
10. Haven't Been Here Before
11. Zepp
12. Mr. Hateyourself
13. Equal Rights
14. Freak The Funk Out
15. Wrong

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