Artist: Dreamship

Title: Ancestral Voyage

Produced by: Dreamship

Label/ Date: Progrock Records/ 2002


1. Ancestral Voyage [4:37]
2-5. The Grand Machine - [17:36]
i. The Young Man [6:16]
ii. The Traveller The Wanderer [3:27]
iii. Touching The Future [4:03]
iv. My Machine Alive [3:50]
6-9. The Forest Suite [16:53]
(6-8. Forest Heart [14:00])
i. Silent Echoes [7:09]
ii. Leaves Of Gold [2:11]
iii. The Crystal Stream [2:53]
9. Forest Dream [2:53]
10-11. The Scroll [9:50]
i. The Journey [5:06]
ii. The Letter [4:44]
12. Final Destination [3:59]

The Review:

Dreamship is an amazing internet realized band, conceived two-man progressive rock band of Timothy Martin and Ed Schaum. They have never met face-to-face, they've only been in contact with each other through the internet.
Their debut recording, Ancestral Voyage, can be compared to Yes around the Tales-era.
Ancestral Voyage is a nice musical journey with the focal point of three epic songs, The Grand Machine, The Forest Suite & The Scroll. The first two push the 16 minute mark while the last barely makes 10 minutes.
The only thing missing to me, from the mix is an actual drummer/percussionist but if you over look that small detail then all is well. Of the duo, Timothy Martin provides the lead vocals and for comparison sake, Chris Squire comes to mind.

Some parts of the music are rather slow moving, somewhat ambient in places. Then all of a sudden the harder edge comes. I think Dreamship has a good future and is a band to watch for in the future.
If you grow weary or need a change of pace from of all the prog-metal offerings, please do yourself a favor and purchase this fine debut.

This recording is a testament to how far along technology has advanced. This is especially fitting for the progressive rock community and it's future.

~Ron for [September 4th, 2003]

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Band Members:

Timothy Martin - Keyboards, Rhythm guitar, Lead vocals, Drums
Ed Shaum - Acoustic, electric, 12-string, classical, slide guitars, Backing vocals

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