Artist: Dreadnaught
Title: The American Standard
Label/ Date: Red Fez Records 2001


1. Ballbuster [4:28]

2. The Jester's Theme [6:36]
3. Deneb [2:42]
4. Tournament [2:42]
5. Derby Days [8:30]

6. Popeye [2:25]
7. BŁnnaschidt [4:50]
8. James Thresher Industries: Building Solid Careers in Middle Managment Since 1976 [0:57]
9. Welding [4:51]
10. Kim Filby [3:33]

11. Rats and Me [4:35]
12. Swing [3:38]

13. Clownhead [5:25]

The Review:

W-O-W... never have I been blown away by such a fusion of two genres of music... and Dreadnaught did it and did it damn good... combining hillbilly Americana with the power of King Crimson thus deeming themselves as "prog-a-billy".

It would be hard for traditional prog lovers to digest such a fusion but Dreadnaught proves that progressive rock is alive and well and "progressing" in 2002!

The cd begins with the appropiatly titled "Ballbuster"... this balls to the walls assualt on the senses certainly caught me by a pleasant surprise.

Dreadnaught also fuses humor into their music which is a much needed thing as most bands of the day seem to be too "UP" on themselves.

I can't say enough praise on this work of art, the next four songs comprise the epic peice "DEUX EX MACHINA" which is a true prog gem.

The humour comes into play on "Popeye" which has a funk backbone, showing off Bob Lord's fantastic bass work. Also showing off Bob's bass work can be found on "Kim Philby".

A class act band and players too! I only wish I could see how they sound live... they would be phenominal. Hmmm maybe one of the American prog festivals oughta get hold of these guys...

~Ron for [March 27th, 2002]

Band Members:

Robert M. Lord - Bass Guitar
Justin S. Walton - Guitars
Richard R. Habib - Drums


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