Artist/ Band: Doppler, Inc
Title: Nu Instrumental
Label: Favored Nations
Year of Release: 2005
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The Review:

Doug Doppler, the mastermind behind new band Doppler, Inc is ready to take the world by storm. Combine elements of old school shredding with the nu-metal sound on their debut Nu-Instrumetal He has some special guests on the album to in the form of Night Ranger/Ozzy Osbourne lead guitarist Brad Gillis, bass icons, Billy Sheehan and Stu Hamm.

According to the website Dougís goal with Doppler, Inc is to help bridge a gap musically between old school and the nu-metal acts of today. At first, I was thinking this is going to be a novelty act but after listening to it several times over the past few months, itís going to be a keeper with return visitis to any one of my cd players.

One of the standout tracks that gets replayed many times on my player is "Wicked", which has a very infectious metallic groove to it and add to it the use of a Vocoder was used to get the sci-fiish alien voice on it.

This is something for rock fans across the spectrum from progressive to the nu-metal sound. All will enjoy what Doppler, Inc has to offer on their debut, Nu-Instrumetal.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on July 26th, 2005


1. Fat Lip
2. Fire Down Below
3. Wicked
4. Grind
5. Wrecking Ball
6. Funky Armadillo
7. Like Father, Like Son
8. Bring It On
9. Bumpin' Grind
10. Five Hi

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