Artist: Djam Karet
Title: Ascension
Label/ Date: Self release 2001

Track Listings:

1. Arose From The Ashes (5.30)
2. Licking The Skull (1.50)
3. The Hanging Tree [6.58]
4. Swimming In Th Big Sky [4.35]
5. Special Cases [4.46]
6. Stage Three [6.24]
7. Disintegration [16.06]

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The Review:
Djam Karet shines again on their latest recording Ascension (a limited edition of only 750 copies) which continues where their previous disc, New Dark Age, left off. Especially since the songs were recorded at the same time as the ones on New Dark Age

Ascension is subtitled New Dark Age Volume Two and contains future DK classics (*IMHO*) such as the hard rock like prog on "Stage Three"(My favorite), along with some electronic based soundscapes of "Disengration" (my other favorite with clock in at over 16 minutes) and the more acoustic based songs of "Arose From The Ashes".

I had the pleasure to see Djam Karet perform years (1998 I believe) go at Rhino Records, in Clairemont (owned by Chuck!) and upon listening to Ascension, I do look forward to seeing them again at ProgWest this November.

~Ron for [September 1st, 2001]

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