Artist/ Band: Djam Karet
Title: Recollection Harvest
Label: Cuneiform Records
Year of Release: 2005
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The Review:

Djam Karetís latest and 14th album release, Recollection Harvest, continues on the bandís tradition of producing some of the best instrumental progressive rock ever written. Theyíve been around since 1984, and have honed their skills down to a science. On the new album Recollection Harvest they combine their two styles theyíve become known for. The heavy epic progressive rock side and their acoustic and atmospheric side. Up until now, the band has kept these sides on separate releases. By combining them on one release, I think it has the best of what theyíre all about.

One of the main things that I enjoy about Djam Karet is they pay homage to bands of the past but in such a way that they donít mimic or clone them. This is a rare achievement in todayís music, progressive or otherwise. I donít think I have to convince longtime fans of this and Recollection Harvest is an excellent addition to their Djam Karet collection. Also for newcomers, this is an excellent place to start since itís one of their strongest releases to date.

Without a doubt, on Recollection Harvest, Djam Karet shows that they do what most bands of the genre donít, theyíre still progressing, creating adventurous instrumental progressive rock music. They simply do not rest on their past laurels. What other band can honestly say that? That being said, I will give this album a high recommendation.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on April 18th, 2006


Recollection Harvest
1. The March To The Sea Of Tranquility
2. Dr. Money
3. Packing House, The
4. Gypsy And The Hegemon, The
5. Recollection Harvest

Indian Summer
6. Indian Summer
7. Open Roads
8. The Great Plains Of North Dakota
9. Dark Oranges
10. Twilight In Ice Canyon
11. Requiem

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