Artist: Djam Karet
Title: A Night For Baku
Produced by: Djam Karet
Label/ Date: Cuneiform/ 2003
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1. Dream Portal (5.29)
2. Hungry Ghost (9.21)
3. Chimera Moon (7.10)
4. Heads Of Ni-Oh (8.06)
5. Scary Circus (3.44)
6. Falafel King (3.25)
7. Sexy Beast (4.29)
8. Ukab Maerd (7.58)
9. The Red Thread (10.32)

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The Review:

My first introduction to Djam Karet was in 1998 when I went to see them at the Rhino Records store in Clairmont. My first impression wasn't that good mainly because at the time I was mainly into symphonic & neo based progressive music. But through a recommendation of a friend to buy their Live at Orion release I quickly changed my mind about the band's music.

In 2001 I was lucky to have reviewed Accension (thanks Gayle!) and it gave me a greater view of the band and their wonderful music.

When I heard they were releasing a new cd in 2003, A Night For Baku, I knew I had to get it. Again I was lucky to receive a promo copy, this time from Cuneiform (thanks Joyce!).

After many listens, I am very blown away by both the instrumentation and production. This is some primo stuff! One of the best instrumental releases that I've ever heard. Plus it's in my top favorite 2003 releases so far.

The music is very moving with some brilliant sound textures both aggressive and subtle. There are some very heavy guitar parts on here that are sonic delight. And the keyboard parts are an equal pleasure to hear.

Adding to the line-up is a double bass combo of Aaron & Henry. As most know, Aaron subbed for Henry at their NEARfest performance last year. Both are excellent yet uniquely different players which makes the band even better than previous releases. Also on one track is Steve Roach. I'm not familiar with him at all but I hear he's a legend in the electronic music field.

So in closing, I'd highly recommend this release to anyone that enjoys adventurous music.

~Ron for [June 10th, 2003]

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