Artist: D.F.A.
Title: Work In Progress Live
Label: Moonjune Records
Year of Release: 2001
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The Review:

This is a wonderful new promising 4 piece Italian prog band that combines classic prog with modern touches and production values (some would say "modern sensibility"), ranging from symphonic, complex to jazzy interludes and adding some tasty spacey momemts.

This is the third Italian prog band that I've heard so far and it's a treat for my ears to expand my boundries. D.F.A. comes across from this recording as a great live band and their abilities were captured so well at NEARfest 2000.

The music is mainly original instrumental and done masterfully at that! I look forward to many more recordings by them and I hope DFA is here to stay to give the prog world even more chances to witness them in live format.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on August 20th, 2001

1. Escher [10:08]
2. Caleidoscopio [9:16]
3. Trip on Metro [6:36]
4. La Via [15:25]
5. Pantera [8:10]
6. Ragno [11:12]

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