Artist/ Band: deSol
Title: On My Way
Label: saZon Records
Year of Release: 2007
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The Review:

deSol’s latest effort “On My Way” is my first exposure to the band and at first I wasn’t sure how it would be relevant on a Progressive Rock reviews site. After a few listens, I noticed there was enough forward thinking music happening in the arrangements to be reviewed. I think those fans that are borderline on the prog/mainstream fence. Case in point, the song “Mona Lisa” is unpredictable yet accessible plus lyrically and musically it shines as a favorite song.

deSol is one of those bands that really can go the way of early Santana or ca$h out and become another Smash Mouth or Sugar Ray. I really hope the former is chosen especially since Santana these days is concentrating on duets with mainstream artists instead of exploring like he did in the early days. This is a really nice album, not really my cup of tea but enjoyable nonetheless.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on Novemeber 17th, 2007


1. On My Way
2. Letter From San Juan
3. Sing It All Night
4. Mona Lisa
5. Every Little Love Song
6. Good Night Love
7. Ghost In The House Of Texas
8. Santos (crying for a vision)
9. El Salvador
10. Teardrops
11. Lagrimas
12. Vivir En Tu Aire
13. Free Again
14. Toda Mi Cancion (Sing It All Night - Spanish Version)

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