Artist/ Band: David Wright
Title: Dajinsaurus
Label: Dinsosaurus Records
Year of Release: 2006
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The Review:

Jazz guitarist David Wright's debut recording, Dajinosaurus, is one of the most enjoyable jazz/ fusion releases Iíve had the pleasure to hear. Iím rather new into this genre and so far Iíve been treated to greats such as David. His music injects some humor into it which lets you know heís out to have a good time music wise.

His playing runs the gambit between Alan Holdsworth, John McLaughlin, Steve Vai and so many others but with out sounding like any of them. Davidís music while rooted in jazz, does venture into some guitar rock and progressive rock territories. The end result is a great album that deserves to stand alongside other jazz/fusion albums of the past and present. I would recommend this to the aforementioned artists.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on February 10th, 2007


1. Time Constraint
2. Falls Dance
3. Early Phrase Intro
4. Early Phrase
5. Thob (Tears For Friends Intro)
6. Tears For Friends
7. ILD Intro
8. ILD
9. GC Intro
10. GC
11. Chess
12. Bedtime Bridges Intro
13. Bedtime Bridges
14. Piggasaurus (This To This To Intro)
15. This To This To
16. Club Owner Comment
17. Barbars Kingdom
18. Improv I
19. Improv II

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