Artist/ Band: Darling
Title: D2R
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2003

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The Review:

Upon listening to Hal Darling’s second CD entitled, D2R, I found the music to be quite chaotic (in a good way) with Hal’s frantic drumming style. He doesn’t let up for a moment on most tracks. Hal also plays keyboards on the CD. His playing style is done in an atmospheric way, almost like a soundtrack setting. A nice backdrop to accompany Hal's brand of delightful percussive chaos. His drumming reminds me of what can be found on most recent RIO bands. I also think Hal would be a welcomed addition to the Cuneiform Records label.

Joining Hal are guitarist Uri Gatton and Athan Gailis on woodwinds, brass and MIDI horns to give us listeners an all instrumental release with intense symphonic chamber rock that has a slight RIO vibe to it. There are some quiet, haunting and surreal moments that counterbalance the chaotic ones. This release will satisfy most listeners that quench the thirst of the more chaotic blend of progressive rock. Even though I won’t be playing this CD as often as others in my collection, I would definitely recommend this release highly.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on June 22nd, 2004


1. Clown On Fire
2. Black Rhyme
3. Prom Vomit
4. Where Seraphs Despair
5. Rope of Sand
6. Aggressive Biological Behavior
7. An Unsettled Score
8. Run
9. Dog Dreams
10. A Breach of Species
11. One Through Five
12. Mr. Smith Shows The Children How To Smoke A Cigrarette
13. Asunder

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