Artist/ Band: Cynic
Title: Focus: The Expanded Edition
Label: Roadrunner Records
Year of Release: 2004
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The Review:

I remember the name Cynic from years back but I’m more familiar with Sean Malone’s latest band, Gordian Knot. Now that I’ve got a chance to listen to Cynic’s reissue of Focus, I can see the origins of Gordian Knot’s sound. The only difference I can hear, is that there are vocals (some clean, some dirty) on Cynic and not Gordian Knot. I’m not wild about the “death metal” type vocals though but since they’re in little doses it’s easier to handle.

Cynic was more in the progressive/technical metal vein than the speed/death metal label tagged on them by critics. To further them away from the “death metal” sound is hints of jazz-fusion along with some mystical Eastern sounds and computerized vocals throughout the album.

I guess if you can handle the growly vocals then try out this band. It is a grower and a nice look into the past with some new extras to sweeten the nostalgic visit. If you’re not convinced, go to their website (see link in the info section above) and listen to the samples. This is one of the better reissues of 2004 and deserves more exposure.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on December 7th, 2004


1. Veil of Maya
2. Celestial Voyage
3. The Eagle Nature
4. Sentiment
5. I'm But A Wave To...
6. Uroboric Forms
7. Textures
8. How Could I?

Bonus tracks:
9. Veil of Maya (2004 remix)
10. I'm But A Wave To... (2004 remix)
11. How Could I? (2004 remix)
12. Cosmos
13. The Circle's Gone
14. Endless Endeavors

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