Artist: Crooked Mouth
Title: Crooked Mouth
Produced by:
Label:Moon Brothers Music
Year of Release: 2003
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The Review:

Crooked Mouth's music is a collection of well crafted songs done in a very refreshing way, especially on the songs that are more than five minutes. They also manage to stay clear of the extensive soloing and this allows for the lyrics and melodies to speak for themselves. Thereís even some evidence of mid-seventies AOR influences throughout the CD.

The highlight of this CD for me is the second track, Strange Days. This is one of the more well crafted pop-prog tunes Iíve heard in ages. It has a memorable melodies and you can find yourself singing along with the song. Itís familiarity would surely win over the non-prog fans in your household and/or workplace.

This is a very enjoyable release that would be a welcomed addition to any fan of Spockís Beard, The Flower Kings, Mostly Autumn and similar acts. Plus the band donates,, when purchased from them directly from their website, 20% of the sale price to Sight Savers International (Please click on the website link above for more information).

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on April 20th, 2004


1. Crossing the Rubicon
2. Strange Days
3. Mass Driver II
4. Ocean & Sky
5. Raindance
6. Acrobat
7. Time & Again (Erosion)
8. Last Call For Captain Trips

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