Artist: Conscience
Title: Bereavement Before Dawn
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Label/ Date: Cyclops/ 2003


1. Bereavement Before Dawn [1:30]

2. When It's Over [10:20]

3. The Cycle [12:20]

4. Then Game [3:00]

(track 1 not on promo)

The Review:

Conscience is a brand new prog-metal band from France born in October 2000. Their initial formation has changed since then and there's no original members in the group, only the name remains. In mid-2001 the groups direction was set into place with such diverse influences yet firmly rooted in the progressive metal scene.

Their brand of prog-metal is based in the melodic side with no flashy soloists, just solid playing complimenting each other.

According to their promo sheet they say they're often compared to Pain of Salvation and Queensryche. I'd say these would be good reference points but in no way do they sound like anything on today's prog-metal scene, which is very refreshing. They site their lyrical inspiration mainly from the poems of Nicolas Moulard, a young French author living in the United States.

Conscience is one of the new bands of 2003 to watch and their EP show potential of their talents.

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~Ron for [March 28th, 2003]

Band Members:

Cyril Allouche - Drums, Percusssion
Matthieu Gerbin - Guitar, Lead Vocals
Cyril Stauder - Bass, Vocals
Gérald Tanty - Keyboards, Sampling

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