Artist: Condition Red

Title: II

Produced by: Lars Eric Mattsson

Label/ Date: Lionn Music/ 2003


1. The Warning
2. Eye of a Storm
3. Cycles
4. Time Passes By
5. The Eagle's Return
6. It's Not Too Late
7. Rondo
8. Why Won't You Hear Me?
9. Seven Stars
10. Your Freedom
11. In / Out
12. Train Insane
13. Out of the Red

The Review:

Condition Reds second release II, is by far the most original and impressive prog-metal bands to surface on Lion Musics roster. The reason? Well they combine the traditional elements of prog-metal along with progressive rock, folk and even string based music.

With female fronted vocals, provided by Ella Grussner, adds a nice atmosphere not found in prog-metal. She also plays flute and violin, which are two instruments hardly used in prog-metal.

Eric Lars Mattsson is the main instrumentalist here and is augmented by Alex Masi on guitar and Alexander King on keyboards. To round off the line up is drummer, Gerald Kloos.

My only problem is that Eric is pretty much the "band" with added players to realise his music thus not allowing a true band feel to Condition Red. Maybe hell allow that on the third release and in my opinion, stick with one instrument, the guitar.

This is very recommended for those who want something different with their prog-metal.

~Ron for [November 11th, 2003]

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Band Members:

Ella Grussner - Vocals, violin, flute
Lars Eric Mattsson - Guitars, bass, sitar, keyboards
Alex Masi - Guitars (solos on 2, 6, 8)
Alexander King - Keyboards
Gerald Kloos - Drums

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