Artist: Clearlight/ Cyrille Verdeaux
Title: The Best of Rainbow Music
Label/ Date: Clearlight Music/ 1999


1) Spirale d'amour [5:19] (Blue)
2) Terre Australe [4:56] (Green)
3) Overture [5:51] (Red)
4) Dream Train [7:21] (Violet)
5) Le Bon Sens [7:59] (Orange)
6) Clearlight Symphony II [4:54] (Yellow)
7) Amazone Cora Zone [5:42] (Green)
8) Keep up Berlin [4:01] (Kundalini opera)
9) Vibrato [7:54] (Red)
10) Agadir [6:00] (Blue)
11) Full Moon Raga [10:21] (Blue)

The Review:

I was first introduced to Clearlight via Dan Shapiro (Clearlight Producer/ Bassist) back in 2000.

Sadly up until now I had almost forgotten all about this CD as it was the very first promo I had ever received prior to starting the review section.

So now I will make good for Dan & Cyrille who graciously sent me this CD and give it a proper listening and review.

This compilation or "Best of" if you will, features various tracks spanning throughout the 25 plus years of Cyrille Verdeaux's musical career.

Cyrille is a masterful keyboardist that I am ashamed to say I never heard of before getting this CD. This is a very good intro to the work of Cyrille Verdeaux and his band Clearlight and it just makes me want to hear more.

With tracks that vary from electronic symphonic music to solo piano to world music fusion, it's a wonderful relaxing listening experience. I really enjoy the solo piano pieces (Spirale d'Amour) as well as the symphonic works of Clearlight (Ouverture & Vibrato). I'm not too keen on the world music style but they are very well composed.

~Ron for [October 6th, 2001]

Band Members:

Cyrille Verdeaux - composer, main keyboardist
plus - Didier Lockwood (violin), Dider Malherbe (saxophone), Steve Hillage (guitar), Christian Boule (guitar?), Fredric Rousseau (keyboards), Jean-Philippe Rykiel (keyboards) and more


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