Artist/ Band: Ciel Ether
Title: Ipso Facto
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2003

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The Review:

Ciel Ether is a progressive rock band that combines classic 70's style with a modern metallic crunch. They’re a French Canadian band and all the lyrics are in French so I’m not sure what is being sung. However I can say they bridge a gap between the old and new progressive sounds There are three songs on their debut, the first song is 29 minutes and broken into 7 acts. I personally would have liked it tracked as one 29 minute piece but each section can stand easily on it’s own. They music is rooted in a classic style of prog with some folk elements and the afore mentioned metallic crunch. I don’t think they would be to easily categorized beyond progressive rock.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on September 10th, 2004


1-7. Volupté infélicite (7 actes) - 29:49
Acte 1 - Segue
Acte 2 - De l'étincelle aux cendres
Acte 3 - Les grands pièges
Acte 4 - Enchaînés
Acte 5 - Infortune
Acte 6 - L'éveil
Acte 7 - Crépuscule
8. Candide-vous? - 5:02
9. Sous l'emprise - 4:19

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