Artist: Chris Poland
Title: Return to Metalopolis 2002
Label/ Date: Lion Music/ 2002


1. Club Ded [3:26]
2. Alexandria [4:09]
3. Return to Metalopolis [3:08]
4. Heinous Interruptus [2:42]
5. The Fall of Babylon [4:57]
6. Row of Crows [3:29]
7. Theatre of the Damned [3:52]
8. Beelzebub Bop [3:33]
9. Apparition Station [2:45]
10. Khazad Dum [3:45]

Exclusive Bonus Tracks:

11. 30 Day One [4:48]
12. The Heavy Guitar Jam [14:33]

The Review:

"The ex-Megadeth guitarist's debut album in a completely new version. Remixed and including 2 brand new songs performed by Chris new band. A must have for all fans of shred." - Lion Music

Excellent remastering of this debut of Chris Poland. Musically it's unlike any metal that is out there. Yes it has a Megadeth sound to it but hey Chris was the primary force in the band outside of dave Mustaine. I think the music can be called jazzy speed-metal for those who need a genre.

For others, like myself, just think of it's as a heavy assault on the senses, a wall of chugga-chugga crunchy guitars counter balanced by some tasty bass playing and drumming.

~Ron for [September 27th, 2002]

Band Members:

Chris Poland - Guitars & Bass
Mark Poland - Drums

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