Artist/ Band: Chaoswave
Title: The White Noise Within
Label: DVS Records
Year of Release: 2006
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The Review:

It had been a while that I didn’t hear such an album, which starts in a VERY aggressive way! “Chaoswave” is an Italian band and was formed in 2003. “The White Noise Within” was their first full length record (after a demo called “Chaoswave”) and a second album “Dead Eye Dreaming” was released in 2008. I’m not so familiar with this type of metal (don’t know exactly in which category it should be defined but for sure it doesn’t sound progressive, power nor death). It’s very special and seems to be a mix of many metal styles. Never heard something like that before and to be honest, the result is FANTASTIC !!! ALL musicians are hyper-talented (Danish guitarist Henrik Rangstrup, bassist Marco Angioni and drummer Raphael Saini).

Drums and guitars are ultra-heavy and loud throughout the CD but they’re also the best part of it (in my opinion) !!! And what to say about the vocals: even though the music is so “violent”, they still sound quite “progressive”, which is strange but not bad at all !! There are two singers (Fabio Carta and Giorgia Fadda) and the mix of male-female vocals is very special as they sing together all through the songs. Excellent, I would say.

It’s not “easy” nor “cheesy” music. I guess it must be extremely difficult to play SO FAST and produce SUCH an aggressive sound, while keeping a progressive singing style !!!

Although every singer and musician brings his own influence to the music, the band acts like a formidable “whole”. Everything fits together like a puzzle. You’ll fully enjoy the album, that’s a promise. But be ready for surprises !!! The final product is original, varied and you won’t expect nothing that is coming on the CD because you probably never listened something as different as that either. None of the songs resembles each other. Be ready to enjoy it from the first spin!!! You’ll see, the CD passes TOO FAST (only 46 minutes long) !!! My favourite tracks are: “The End of Me”, which is a bit more “dreamy” to me. Also not a ballad but the most “quiet” song on this album. “Paint the Poet Dead”, perfect musically. Aggressive, strong; it will leave you in an ecstatic state. “See Nothing Hear Nothing Say Nothing”, excellent track all in all with its special effects, backing/echoing vocals, awesome guitars.

How to describe “The White Noise Within”: intense, furious, out of breath. Perfect for morose and angry moods. Maybe a good choice before to go to work, too (while taking breakfast, for example). It will keep you in every state but sleepy. Basically, I loved EVERYTHING on this CD: the quality of the music, the talented musicians, the mix of male-female vocals for that type of music. The result is just GREAT!!!

Reviewed by Vikie Martel on October 3rd, 2008


1. The 3rd Moment of Madness
2. Indifferent
3. Mirror
4. Hate Create
5. The End of Me
6. The Wasteland of Days
7. Paint the Poet Dead
8. Swept Away
9. See Nothing Hear Nothing Say Nothing

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