Artist: Chain
Title: Reconstruct
Producted by: Henning Pauly
Label/ Date: Self Release ( / 2002


1. Earthscape I []
2. Before There Was []
3. First Life []
4. Earthscape II []
5. Impact []
6. Earthscape III []
7. Imcommunicado, Prisoner of Silence []
8. Missing Link []
9. Earthscape IV []
10. The Augmented Animal []
11. Conspiracy []
12. Earthscape V []
13. The Planet IS Fine []
14. Signs []
15. Earthscape VI []
16. What There Will Be []
17. Earthscape VII []

The Review:

Chain was formed in 1994 and existed for one year, then the band broke up.

Years later Henning Pauly re-discovered old material on tapes recorded during a rehearsal and decided to produce the album in LA where he lives.

The end product is, Reconstruct, which that should have been made 9 years earlier was finally finished.

The debut features 17 tracks spanning over 75 minutes of some very well played heavy progressive rock bordering on metal without being pigeon holed into the prog-metal genre.

Along with great melodies and memorable hooks, it is a concept album about the beginnings and end of time here on our planet Earth. To help support the concept, there are some spoken word excerpts from "Hitchhicker's Guide To The Galaxy" as well as George Carlin.

According to Henning, Chain is recording an amazing epic follow-up that is sure to please most if not all of the modern progressive rock audience.

This IS a highly recommended CD! One of the better recordings of 2002!! Reconstruct is now readily so please click album cover for more information.

~Ron for [March 14th, 2003]

Band Members:

Matt Cash - Vocals
Stephan Kernbach - Keyboards
Christian Becker - Bass
Thorsten Hannig - Drums
Henning Pauly - Guitars

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