Artist/ Band: CCA (Cushma Cides Alexander)
Title: Not Different But Not The Same
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2008
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The Review:

CCA (Linda Cushma - vocals, keyboards, Guillermo Cides - Stick and Tim Alexander - drums) released an amazing genre crossing debut, ‘Not Different But Not The Same‘ between thousands of miles between them. ‘Not Different But Not The Same’ also explains perfectly what the music content is all about. Contributing to the whole artistic atmosphere is Nunö Enriquez's album cover. It looks like an old circus posters with Siamese Twins along with caricatures of the contributing musicians. That alone makes it a must for people to buy the physical album rather than downloading it.

The first three tracks "Crazy Beautiful Life", “Close Your Eyes” (a reworked version from the Oxygene8‘s ‘Freak Of Chance‘ ep) and the funky “Half The World” are very accessible and oh so very fun to listen to. “The Number Song” is probably the most complex song on the album. It starts off in a frenzy and keeps you locked in for the duration and while it’s short, it delivers what other bands try to in double or triple the time.

In closing, I will say that ‘Not Different, Not The Same’ is a very recommended must have album for 2008, especially for fans of Peter Gabriel, 80’s King Crimson, Sundays All Over The World, Sylvan, Steven Wilson (his non metallic offerings) and many other similar acts.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on November 3rd, 2008


1. Crazy Beautiful Life
2. Close Your Eyes
3. Half the World
4. I'll Be There
5. Danza
6. Helens Mountain
7. Sonambula
8. The Number Song
9. Woman On Horseback (feat. Quodia)
10. Amor De Bandoneón
11. Not Different but Not the Same

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