Artist: Cast
Title: Infinity
Label/ Date: Self release/ 2002


1. Castapolis [5:30]
2. Movieland [9:11]
3. Yurida [4:47]
4. Never Expect Them To Smile [13:53]
5. Infinity [11:53]
6. Nature's Way [2:44]
7. Illusion [10:20]
8. Nightmare [7:03]
9. October Winds [4:39]

The Review:

Well 2002 marks a new chapter in Cast history, most notably the line-up, also a new beginning of a new sound. Upon looking at the liner notes, gone is Antonio Bringas and he's replaced by Enrique Slim. While I enjoyed Antonio's drumming, I personally think Enrique's style is more fitting to the newer Cast sound.

Another change is that I noticed that Dino is only present on the flute, leaving Franscisco to being the main lead singer. Fransico is aided on the guitar duties by Carlos Human.

Musically this is, in my opinion, Cast's best recording to date. There's more of a European progressive sound, more agressive playing by all.

One of the best releases of 2002, keep continuing the good work here on "Infinity", Cast!

Reviewd by Ron Fuchs on October 26th, 2002

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