Artist: Cast
Title: Legacy
Label/ Date: Self release 2000

The Review:

After numerous studio, live and a compilation disc, since 1994, Mexico's own Cast celebrates the year 2000 with abrand new album called "Legacy". The players are the same as in previous albums, like the dual vocals of Dino & Francisco and Alfonso's lush keyboards. The rhythm section is also in top form. Even though there's no new ground covered here on 'Legacy', there's still a wonderful melodic dose of symphonic based prog with nods primarily to the post-Gabriel era of Genesis (1976-80). With every track a winner, the band always shows off it's muscle on the longer tracks.

I had the pleasure of seeing Cast live twice, even before there was a BajaProg and have enjoyed their live energy. Simply a band that shines in a live setting. I'm sure their next disc will be slightly different! This is a very recommended release to both the band's fans and those that enjoy symphonic prog.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on October 26th, 2002


1. Proemio [2:21]
2. Legacy's Executor [9:19]
3. Key of Life [9:30]
4. Celestial Garden [4:03]
5. Magic of Love [6:58]
6. Personal Status [4:30]
7. We Are The Ones [5:54]
8. Take A Look Back [7:41]
9. Beneficiaries [4:22]
10. Living Dreams [1:26]
11. Before Me [4:04]
12. The Will [4:40]
13. Conclusion [7:41]

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