Artist/ Band: Cary Clouser
Title: Finger Paintings
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2008
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The Review:

Multi-instrumentalist Cary Clouser, better known as a member of the Canadian Jethro Tull tribute band Oracle, released a solo debut called ’Finger Paintings’ One would expect a Tull-esque album but Cary explores more towards a 70’s style AOR/Prog crossover similar to the output of Kansas, Styx, Triumph and the like. The main instrument of choice seems to be the piano, which is quite a welcome change from the over-layered synths most like to use. The vocals are also up front giving an accessible song-based feel.

Two standouts for me are the prog epic of the bunch “Precious”, which clocks in just over 9 minutes. The copy sent to me also has it divided into three separate tracks (“Bright Morning Sun“, “Life Lessons” and “Home Again”). I’m guessing that the it was done that way for radio play but I don’t know for sure. Also the two part instrumental “Dark” which sounds very haunting.

Overall I found that the music on this album has an appeal for those that enjoyed the mellow symphonic side of 70's AOR/Prog/Rock. I have to admit, after the third listen, I found myself humming the songs. I really can’t wait to hear more music from Cary. He certainly is one of Canada’s best musicians, of all time in my opinion. Based on what I’ve seen, you can only download this album from his site. I recommend you getting ‘Finger Paintings’!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on November 3rd, 2008


1. Into Thy Hands
2. Don't Know!
3. Ship Of Pride
4. Have You Heard?
5. Precious
6. Dark - 1st Impression
7. Dark - 2nd Impression

Precious - Edt. Mix:
8. Bright Morning Sun
9. Life Lessons
10. Home Again

11. Presto (Unfinished sample)

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