Artist/ Band: Carl Weingarten
Title: Local Journeys
Label: Multiphase Records
Year of Release: 2005
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The Review:

Carl Weingarten is another artist that is new to me, in fact I havenít heard of him in any of the prog circles Iím a part of. Carl is guitarist from California who has put out over a dozen albums since beginning his career in the early 80s. On his latest release, Local Journeys, he is joined by bassist Michael Manring as well as percussionist Brian Knave amongst other wonderful musicians to help flesh out his vision.

His style of music, at least on the Local Journeysí release is a melodic hypnotic atmospheric ambient based style with the guitar as lead instrument. He plays slide guitar, dobro, ebow and uses a wide range of effects on the disc. Upon my first listen, I thought the music to be quite on the mellow, almost new-age style and I almost dismissed it as a bland release. It took me several listens to fully appreciate itís beauty. Now I will say that itís much more, with an almost noir soundtrack feel to it.

This is something that Iíd recommend for those that can appreciate the beauty of the softer side of music that also has quite a stimulating effect on the ears, well at least to mine. If youíre also tired of music thatís always ďin your faceĒ and want to hear the compositions then pick up a copy of Local Journeys and discover this talented guitaristís work. Hopefully, like myself, youíll want to explore his previous works.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on September 20th, 2005


1. Sleeptalk
2. Gravity Steps
3. Local Journeys
4. Rendevous
5. Cafe Tinba
6. How Many Doors?
7. Mourning Star
8. Night Is The Light
9. The Far Turn
10. Cassini's Blues
11. Dust Covers The Sky

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