Artist/ Band: Capharnum
Title: Le Soleil est une Bombe Atomique
Label: Unicorn Digital
Year of Release: 2007
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The Review:

Unicorn Digital brings another band to the progressive world, this time hailing from Montreal, a 4 piece band that combines hard rock, melodic rock and progressive rock called Capharnum. Their style is realized by a dual guitar approach along with a standard bass & drum combination. Theyíre anything but standard. The guitar interplay often reminds me of the Fripp/Belew partnership.

Upon hearing the debut, I hear so many different sounds and influences. Most importantly I hear equal parts Rush & King Crimson with some other elements I canít quite pinpoint.

While not overly complex, there are moments of true progressive (in the truest meaning) moments that make this album shine, in my opinion. They just seems to take what the bands of the 70ís started and take it to the next level so to speak.

If you enjoy your progressive music to have a fresh new sound or outlook, then Capharnumís Le Soleil est une Bombe Atomique is the album you need to own. ASAP! Unicorn Digital has a knack for bringing a wide range of music to the progressive audiences worldwide and they donít disappoint! Highly recommended release of 2007 without any doubt! I canít wait to hear more form this wonderful Canadian band. They do their countryís progressive rock legacy proud!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on October 2nd, 2007


1. Atomic Disco
2. Tokamak
3. Dementielle
4. Feedback
5. Un dimanche soir a St-Zenon
6. Caterpillar
7. Tunnel no.6
8. Delirium
9. Joure Encore
10. Brainstorm

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