Artist/ Band: Canvas Solaris
Title: Penumbra Diffuse
Label: Sensory
Year of Release: 2006
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The Review:

I had no idea what to expect when I got Canvas Solaris' new album Penumbra Diffuse. I kept hearing them described as jazz metal bordering on death metal. I Ďm sure this was in reference to the albums previous to this release because what I heard was still metal in nature but much more expansive, almost bordering on fusion. The band even incorporates acoustic as well as electronic atmospheric passages. One of the newer bands that I can compare them to is Aziola Cry, but Canvas Solaris treads more in the metallic side.

Canvas Solaris consists of guitarists Nathan Sapp and Ben Simpkins (who also handles the bass), and drummer Hunter Ginn. They create the songs on Penumbra Diffuse that run from metallic onslaughts to dissonant dark ambient textures. One problem I have with their sound is, and itís minimal, that at times it sounds too dry. Other than that I find myself enjoying this album very much. One thing I found heart-felt was the dedication of this album to the memory of Denis D'Amour. To me that was a very cool gesture on their part, mainly because I hear a lot of Voivod-like ideas throughout. Some that are realized more sans a vocalist.

This is a tough one to recommend, mainly because it has a more harsh sound to it. I really wouldnít recommend this to the faint of heart, it is aggressive in nature, but if you enjoy death/speed metal guitar riffs combined with compositions that arenít written for the sake of noise, then this album is for you.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on April 18th, 2006


1. Panoramic Long-Range Vertigo
2. Horizontal Radiant
3. Accidents In Mutual Silence
4. Vaihayasa
5. To Fracture
6. Psychotropic Resonance
7. Luminescence

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