Artist/ Band: Bulbospongiosus
Title: Automata
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2009
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The Review:

Bulbospongiosusís debut, Automata is quite a unique concept album, musically speaking. It sounds like a mixture of industrial and modern progressive rock. My first impression has led to many more listens. Itís complex sounding and has elements of metal and avant-garde. I must say that it still hasnít completely won me over but in time it should. It could be one of the sleeper releases of 2009.

I noticed that on CDBaby, the description of the concept is a rock opera inspired by The Wall, corporate life, fascist robots and 1984. the songs are all linked and tell a continuous story. It reminds me almost of Operation Mindcrime, which has a similar theme. I guess you can say that fans of Pink Floyd, Queensryche, Radiohead and Skinny Puppy should enjoy this. I can recommend checking out the samples then make a decision whether or not you want to purchase it. This is music for forward thinkers, so the mass may not appreciate this band and album as much.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on June 15th, 2009


01. Election Year
02. Anthem
03. 25 Tons
04. Turns Out
05. No Warning
06. Operation Broadsword
07. Automata
08. Rica the Bea
09. Song of Yes
10. No Kill Man
11. A Fountain of Lead
12. One Shot Left
13. Stop Truth
14. White Mice
15. Room 101

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