Artist: Budapest West
Title: Letter From Afar
Label/ Date: Brown Pelican Records / 2002


1. Galatea [5:18]
2. St. Augustine [3:54]
3. In The Tents of Magyars [5:15]
4. Hungarian Song in CM [5:39]
5. Lime Kiln Dock [5:50]
6. Shark Reef [2:14]
7. Ocean Song [4:49]
8. Heceta Head [6:28]
9. Nabagon [4:07]
10. Cape Disappointment [4:07]
11. Night on the Volga [8:53]

The Review:

Quite possiblly the most unique and original progressive music I've reviewed in a while. Budapest West progresses beyond the retro-progressive movement by fusing eastern European ethinic sounds with progressive/fusion rock.

On their debut, Letters From Afar. there are 11 songs (or journeys as they seem to be) through adventure and imagination. All instrumental, well focused and NO FILLER.

While this is Rob Rigoni's (founder/ leader/ guitarist) musical project it does come off as a group effort. The players are top notch for my ears.

NOTE: For those you in the Fairfield CT area, Budapest West has been on FM radio (WVOF 88.5). Their song "Lime Kiln Dock" has been played on "The Upper Room With Joe Kelly" which airs Mondays from 4-8pm est.

~Ron for [October 9th, 2002]

Band Members:

Rob Rigoni - Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Mandolin
Ray Hayden - Piano, Keyboards
Eric Montgomery - Drums & Percussions
Sid Anschell -Bass

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