Artist/ Band: Band Of Rain
Title: Arts & Allurements
Label: AmBeCa Records
Year of Release: 2007
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The Review:

Band of Rain is the creation of a multi instrumentalist Chris Gill, who hails from Wales. The band started out in 2003 and 'Arts & Allurements' is the band's third release, my first exposure to the band. Joining Gill is newcomer Sharon Leslie on vocals and Billy Fleming on drums along with previous band members Richard Northwood ,keyboards; Andy Whitehead, bass & vocals; Tim Walker (ex-Level 42) on drums and Graham Elks on guitars.

According to several sources, the previous releases, first album 'Deep Space' (2004) and second, 'Garlands' (2005) were rooted in a space rock genre with Gothic leanings. Just like another band called the Gathering, Band of Rain switched gears and changed to a heavier gothic metal sound. Sharon Leslie has a strong, nice dark voice that reminds me of other female greats but with a more raw edge. Sharon’s vocals fit so well with Chris Gill's guitar and keyboard playing.

I enjoy the overall vibe of the album but one song just stands out and is quickly becoming one of my favorite songs of 2007, called "Pan". It clocks in at 7:31 and reminds me of The Gathering but a much rawer, not as polished sound. This is a good thing!

If you enjoy the modern gothic metal sound especially The gathering, should invest in 'Arts & Allurements' A.S.A.P . While not as progressive sounding or spacey as stated about previous releases, this is a recommended release even for progressive rock/metal fans!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on September 8th, 2007


1. Their Mistake (5:28)
2. The Devil's Debts (5:09)
3. Stars Beneath The Sea (5:24)
4. Vampire (6:14)
5. Drusilla (6:01)
6. Arts & Allurements (5:27)
7. The Innocence (3:48)
8. Pan (7:31)
9. Monument (9:23)
10. The Deep (3:01)

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