Artist/ Band: Bonebag
Title: Noli Me Tangere
Label: Quixote Records
Year of Release: 2007
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The Review:

Bonebag is the new band of Sieges Even vocalist/drummer Arno Menses. Joining Arno are Ronald Utens (vocals, guitar), Martijn Horten (bass, vocals) and Mike Palandeng (guitars).Arno Menses was able to hook up with QuiXote Music and the end result is the debut, Noli Me Tangere (donít touch me). Musically, Bonebag can be described as a modern rock band closer to say Mars Volta, Smashing Pumpkins, Kings X rather than Sieges Even.

Although Bonebag arenít remotely progressive in the traditional sense, they do possess the creativity even in short more concise songs. The opening track, Disgust pretty much sets the tone for the whole album. Noli Me Tangere is really is miles above whatís being mass produced by the major labels. If you desire some hard rocking music, then look no further than Bonebag.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on December 30th, 2007


1. disgust
2. oliver sudden
3. feeling sam
4. positive
5. weightless
6. mmm
7. lifeline
8. picture perfect
9. noli me tangere
10. a word of appreciation

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