Artist/ Band: Bolt
Title: Movement and Detail
Label: 10T Records
Year of Release: 2006
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The Review:

This is the first release from new label 10T Records and the second release from Bolt. The band consists of W. Heyard Sims (guitars, synth, loops and vox), Bill Elliot (drums, percussion, vox) and Geoff Maxey (bass, synth, vox). The band combines many ideas in their music including modern raw edged metallic guitar riffs, mixed in some electronica and one of the tightest ryhtm sections Iíve heard in years.

Bolt is a very forward thinking band that also combines the precision of MathRock, but not as technical. The music has a almost danceable quality to it in a quirky way. Also adding a slice of Post-punk bite and some humor which is sadly lacking in todayís music in any genre.

One band that comes to mind when I listen to Bolt is a Washing state based band called Omni and New England based band called The Screen. All three of these bands, while not progressive rock in the traditional sense, their take on the style is well Ďprogressiveí in nature. Iím sure purists will disagree but in all honesty, Bolt doesnít use itís influences to emulate, they use them as a springboard to creating new fresh music.

The tracks are brief and concise, clocking between 3-5 minutes. Any long and the songs will lose their integrity and interest. Sometimes, less is more..My favorites are many but Skydiving With A Life Preserver stands out to me. I feel somewhat drawn to the song over and over.

You can hear four of the songs from this debut at their page at MySpace. Bolt is without a doubt one of the better bands to come out in 2006. I canít wait for more from this Bolt. I have a feeling we havenít seen nothing yet with them.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on August 27th, 2006


1. The Devil's Paintbrush
2. Stryker
3. Anaphase
4. Variables
5. Invasion
6. Skydiving With A Life Preserver
7. Vendetta
8. Knocking On 9
9. Vanilla
10. Solar
11. Kick

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