Artist: Bob Katsionis
Title: Turn Of My Century
Label/ Date: Lion Music 2002


1. Turn Of My Century [3:09]
2. Planetarium [4:32]
3. Cosmic [3:51]
4. Omega [3:42]
5. Windows To The World [4:11]
6. My Strange Girl [4:31]
7. Forbidden Erotica [2:08]
8. Song of the East [3:23]
9. Exploration [3:49]
10. Enhanced Fear [4:05]
11. Automatic World Science [3:28]
12. Face the Undead [2:47]
13. Sapphire [1:53]
14. Enemy's Adagio [2:49]
15. Flight of the Pink Dragon [3:20]
16. Cold Pale Skin [3:37]
17. Scary Groovie [2:58]

The Review:

Bob Katsionis was born in Athens, Greece in 1977. he has studied classical organ for 12 years and has earned a dipolma in Church organ Studies.

His interests in metal music began in 1989 and he bought his first guitar at the age of 17. But not until 1993 when he discovered more melodic aspects of music with such bands as ELP, Rush, Dream Theater, Yngwie Malmsteen amoungst others that made him change his musical approach that he was studying for so many years.

On "Turn of My Century" you can hear those influences as well as listen to his most inspired dremy solos all in a progressive/fusion metallic mood.

All 17 songs are short "epics" instrumental pieces showing both his fantastic guitar & keyboard playing. Although there isn't any new ground broken musically there is somewhat of a innovative feel to the fact of Bob being a multi-instrumentalist to be put up there with his contemporaries.

~Ron for [August 3rd, 2002]

Band Members:

Bob Katsionis - All Keyboards, 7 String Guitars
Jimmy B. - 5 String Bass

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