Artist/ Band: Brave New World
Title: Brave New World
Label: Lion Music
Year of Release: 2005
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The Review:

Formerly known under the name “Passion Street”, the European band – from the U.K. and Norway – often changed his line-up and about only the singer always been part of the band. “Monsters” is their first album since they changed their name to “Brave New World”. There are 9 songs and the album lasts about 54 minutes.

Well, I don’t know…To be honest, at the first hearing, I didn’t get hooked at all. I guess it must depends on everyone, but in my case, it’s the kind of CD that takes more than one hearing to like it. And even then, in this case, it still doesn’t really correspond to me. I can’t explain why…I listened to the album so many times already and…something is missing. I’m unable to say what. It’s like when you are used to see someone everyday that wears a little beard and the next day, he doesn’t have it anymore. You look at him and know there’s something missing or changed, but you can’t say what it is exactly…well, it’s the impression I had with “Monsters”.

I think the vocals are ok – remind me a lot of some 80’s rock bands – and the music too. I found it some touches of progressive in the guitars, which I liked a lot, and I liked the keyboards too, but I would say the force of this album is mostly in the lyrics.

Maybe what I found is that all the songs sounded a little the same ?!!! Maybe I find the melodies a little bit too repetitive from one song to the other – apart from “All the Heroes” – which sounded to me more like old 80’s songs – and “The Other Side”. These are good ones. But I would say that’s what disturbs me the most, here. Too much the same. Not that the music is too simple, because I don’t think it is ! In fact, I found it complex enough…but I lose the interest of pursuing the listening…However, what I like is that sometimes it sounds rock and some other times, more progressive. The mix of both – in my opinion – gives a good effect.

I think the best songs are: “Arabia” and “Walls Come Down” for the musical side. The guitars are just great ! I also think it’s the best instrument in this album.

As for the other songs: “Knife in my Back”, “Strange Day”, “I Want You”, “Dreams Never Die” and “(Into the) Age of Chaos ”, I would say they are so-so. Not bad, not excellent. Just ok.

All in all, I would say that the music and the vocals are fairly good. Good, but not the best for me. Not really what makes me want to listen to the album very often. A couple of times were enough. “Monsters” is a great quality album, I don’t deny it…but not MY taste. So for that reason it’s a bit more difficult for me to talk about it…

Finally, I would rate it 7/10. Not because it’s not good. But because of my own personal tastes. Maybe it’s simply not really my kind…just that…but I’m sure many other people will find this CD excellent. And however, I would say that for a first album, yes, it’s great job ! ;-)

Reviewed by Vikie Martel on December 9th, 2005


1. Knife In My Back
2. Arabia
3. Strange Days
4. I Want You
5. Dreams Never Die
6. Walls Come Down
7. All The Heroes
8. The Other Side
9. (Into The) Age Of Chaos

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