Artist: Blindside Seven

Title: Shoot To The Moon

Produced by: Blindside Seven and Tim Lawter

Label/ Date: Self release / 2003

Website: Blindside


1. Now [3:00]
2. Stranger To Myself [3:13]
3. Staring At The Walls [3:28]
4. Free [4:06]
5. Next Train Out [3:30]
6. Don't Let Go [4:00]
7. Late December [2:56]
8. Shoot To The Moon [2:43]
9. Who She Was [3:35]
10. Just What I Needed [3:38]
11. Obilvious [3:24]
12. Late December (acoustic version) [3:19]

The Review:

Blindside Seven is a melodic three-piece, alternative rock band combined with punk attitude from South Carolina. They fall very much into the modern day rock genre that should appeal to rock fan’s from early teens to well into the 30's. Their current CD, Shoot To The Moon was released back on August 22nd, 2003 which was written by all three members.

They formed back in the Summer of 2000, in Anderson SC with Dave Maudlin (Lead Vocals, Guitars), Brad Snipes (Drums, Vocals), and Chris Lollis (Bass, Vocals) and from that Blindside Seven was born. This is a very well produced CD and even though it’s rather straight forward style, it is above average of the alternative rock bands out there, especially the ones aimed at the teens and early 20's.

One interesting inclusion of the songs is a faithful cover of The Cars’ “Just What I Needed”. The only thing missing is the synths that were in the original version but Dave, Brad & Chris pull it off very well.

~Ron for [January 13th, 2004]

Band Members:

Chris Lollis - Bass, vocals
Brad Snipes - Drums, vocals
David Mualdin - Guitars, Lead vocals
Tim Lawter - Fretless bass (track 12)

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