Artist: Blackmore's Castle

Title: A Tribute to Deep Purple & Rainbow

Produced by: Eric Lars Mattsson

Label/ Date: Lion Music/ 2003

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1. Bloodsucker - Mister Kite
2. Perfect Strangers - Transcendence
3. Stargazer - Arabesque
4. Self Portrait - Eric Lars Mattsson
5. Sixteenth Century Greensleeves - Reign of Terror
6. Gates of Babylon - Iron Mask
7. Battle Rages On - Headline
8. Black Night - Condition Red
9. Space Truckin' - Torben Enevolden
10. Man on the Silver Mountain - Eric Zimmermann
11. Highway Star - Winterlong
12. Lazy - Jason Richardson
13. Still I'm Sad - Condition Red

The Review:

Lion Music pays tribute to the music of Ritchie Blackmore. Most notably his work in his two bands , Deep Purple and Rainbow.. Showcasing mainly acts from it’s own roster. I’ll just mention the good part of the CD, which comes in the form of American ProgMetal band Transcendence with their almost “perfect” rendition of Perfect Strangers, the. female vocals of Dutch progressive rockers Arabesque adds their take to Stargazer (I perferred Lana lane’s version much better) and Sweden’s Mister Kite and Reign of Terror do themselves justice by adding their own touches to Bloodsucker and Sixteenth Century Greensleeves.

Sometimes I think it’s best to have bands include a cover song or two on their own release and unfortunately I’d have to say that Blackmore’s Castle isn’t that strong of a release especially in this age of tributes coming out.

~Ron for [January 13th, 2004]

Band Members:

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