Artist/ Band: Billy Cobham
Title: Flight Time Live
Label: 1980 reissue
Year of Release:
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The Review:

Over the years I had heard the name Billy Cobham and his contributions the jazz and fusion worlds. Up until now, I never heard any of his music. Flight Time is my first exposure to this great drummer and I must admit I feel glad that I finally got a chance to hear Billyís music. Itís one of the better fusion album Iíve had the chance to hear.

Musically what I heard is a refreshingly less emphasis on the technical side which for me is easier to grasp each of the songs. I know Iíll have to dive into Billyís catalog of music to have a better appreaciation for this legendary drummer. So from a newbieís stand point, I would have to recommend getting Flight Time to those like myself that is curirous about the world of Billy Cobham. I also think that his long time fans will enjoy this live album especially since this album is now available in a "Digital Mastering" CD.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on September 28th, 2006


1. Flight Time 6:48
2. Antares 5:19
3. 6 Persimmons 6:45
4. Day Grace 4:43
5. Whisperer 6:44
6. Princess 7:51
7. Jackhammer 8:48

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