Artist: Benny Jansson
Title: Save The World
Label/ Date: Lion Music/ 2002


1. Save the World: Part One [1:07]
2. Save the World: Part Two [3:55]
3. Angry Ant [4:27]
4. Winter Night [3:51]
5. No Brain [3:16]
6. Deep Wood [4:36]
7. Mr. Psycho [3:39]
8. Give My Baby Love [3:46]
9. Hard Jazz [2:50]
10. Happy Fingers [2:57]
11. Blues [3:33]
12. Deep Sea [3:06]

The Review:

"Swedish guitar player joined by Goran Edman, Jens Johansson (both ex- Yngwie Malmsteen). This is Benny's third album Benny has also made soundtracks and performed and recorded with big Swedish names such as Erika (Malmsteen) and Svullo as well as with the band "Two Rocks" - Lion Music

Seems that Sweden produced yet another amazing progressive musician onto the music world!

At times Benny sounds like Holdsworth circa late 70's (UK & Bruford eras) while adding a modern crunch.

Well written melodies and very tasty guitar licks, "Save the World" is a wonderful disc of music that is bordering on jazz fusion it does include some progressive and metal moments.

~Ron for [September 27th, 2002]

Band Members:

Benny Jansson - Guitar, all backing vocals


Jens Johansson - Keyboard solos on tracks 3, 5, 7, 10
Goran Edman - Lead vocals on tracks 2, 4, 6, 8
Daniel Flores - Drums
Mathias Garnas - Bass
Rolf Pilotti - Flute on track 1
Nassim Alfakir - Percusssion on tracks 5, 9, 11
Johan Orjen - Guitar solo on track 9 second part

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