Artist/ Band: Aziola Cry
Title: Ellipsis
Label: Translation Music
Year of Release: 2005
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The Review:

Aziola Cry is a brand new instrumental trio form Chicago consisting of Jason Blake on Chapman Stick, Mike Milaniak on guitar and Tim Strickradt on drums. The music on their debut album, Ellipsis, is best described as being influenced by King Crimson, Tool, and Gordian Knot. These influences are never mimicked or cloned, simply put Aziola Cry continues in the traditions of those bands but with itís own identity. One of the things that gives the band itís own identity is how they border on the metal side of things while being counterbalanced by some more delicate moments. This goes beyond what each of those bands have done separately to create some of the most challenging heavy music Iíve heard in a long while.

One of the most notably sounds youíll hear is some minimal electronic atmospheric sounds ala Robert Frippís Soundscapes that augment the heavier element. The playing on this album is very tight while retaining a improv feeling throughout The center piece is the three part title track that is inter spaced rather than one long epic composition. The production value is so professional that Aziola Cry might give the bands that influenced then a run for the money.

I really donít hear a weakness in this debut, in fact itís one of the better all instrumental debuts Iíve heard in years. I think the heavy sound makes Ellipsis something more of a product of todayís musical society but Aziola Cry counterbalances that element with an atmospheric and acoustic sounds without losing any of itís compositional strength. To me this makes it, dare I say timeless. I recommend this to the fans of the aforementioned bands as well as heavy instrumental music lovers.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on April 18th, 2006


1. Ellipsis I
2. The Trembling Edge
3. In Your Dissolving Arms
4. Ellipsis II
5. Shadow Lies
6. When Soft Voices Die
7. Then Wake To Weep
8. Ellipsis III

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