Artist/ Band: Alpha Wave Movement
Title: The Mystic & The Machine
Label: Harmonic Resonnance Recordings
Year of Release: 2008
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The Review:

Alpha Wave Movement (Gregory Kyryluk) has released "The Mystic & the Machine" which combines electronic and symphonic progressive rock. Musically it reminds me of early 80’s Tangerine Dream (Thief or The Keep soundtracks) combined with late 70’s Genesis (Wind and Wuthering) or even Camel (Raindances or Breathless). British synthesist/guitarist Steve Hillman added some guitar work on four of the more up-tempo tracks.

From the moment you start listening to "The Mystic and the Machine", you are taken on an amazing aural journey that is highlighted with headphone usage. You will find yourself repeating the album after the final track ends. It has everything an instrumental progressive rock and/or electronic music fan loves. It’s modern yet has a classic feel. Especially recommended for fans of the afore mentioned bands!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on March 31st, 2009


01. Synaptic Overdrive
02. L' Ocean Est Une Tempete
03. Every Flute Tells A Story
04. Remember The Dream
05. Mind Phased Pictures
06. Festive Ancestors
07. Highland Aire Drive
08. Space Zeppelin Over Moab
09. he Mystic & The Machine

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