Artist/ Band: A Triggering Myth
Title: The Remedy of Abstraction
Label: Laser's Edge
Year of Release: 2006
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The Review:

Up until now, I was only aware of the band A Triggering Myth through various progressive music websites, so when I got a copy of their sixth release, The Remedy of Abstraction, I became quite excited to hear this band.. The core of the band consists of a duo of Rick Eddy and Tim Drumheller who recruit musicians to help flesh out their sound. Joining them on The Remedy of Abstraction are guitarist Scott McGill, drummer Vic Stevens, bassist Michael Manring and KBB violinist Akihisa Tsuboy for some tasty solos.

The combination of all of these great musicians results in one of the most original sounding modern progressive and jazz based instrumental music that I have had the pleasure to come across. One part of the bandís originality stems from them doing more than one style while retaining a common foundation. They run a gamut between spacey jazz-fusion to symphonic to some Canterbury leanings.

One thing I enjoy the most about thier music is while itís not always rocking out, itís never dull sounding. Even in the quieter moments, thereís something going on. Maybe itís the production, Iím not sure but it would be nice if more bands of this genre would attempt such a sound. I would recommend this album to fans of instrumental music, prog or jazz-fusion especially fans of Happy The Man, National Health and Soft Machine. The Remedy of Abstraction will be a welcomed addition to those fans CD collection. A must have release for 2006!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on May 6th, 2006


1. Now That My House Has Burned Down, I Have a Beautiful View of the Moon
2. The Remedy of Abstraction
3. Her Softening Sorrow
4. Not Even Wrong
5. Rudyardís Raging Natural
6. Shakespeareís Strippers
7. The Eisenhour Slumber
8. When Emily Dickinson Learned To Lunge
9. The Last Resort

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