Artist/ Band: Armia
Title: Triodante DVD
Label: MVD
Year of Release: 2004
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The Review:

When first presented with this DVD by Polish band Armia, I wasn’t sure what to expect. This band is unlike any other band I’ve heard before. The closest comparisons that I can give is combining Killing Joke with Pain of Salvation and Orphaned Land. This is the basic idea of how they sound but the band goes beyond those bands with a unique style of their own.

They use instruments that are generally untypical for rock music such as like French horn, flute, cello, violin or didgeridoo. This is part of what makes the band's position on the music scene absolutely unrivaled, thus giving Armia the title of one of the most original modern bands that can’t be classified into any genre.

The DVD features a 10-song TV performance based on their Triodante release. The DVD also includes band interviews (in Polish with English subtitles), bonus videos and other special features This is a surprise to both my ears and eyes to experience Armia. I will defiantly check out their discography soon. This is highly recommended to rock and metal fans that like some substance to their music beyond the three chord mundane style plaguing the music world. Also prog fans will enjoy the cinematic value the band portrays musically and visually..

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on April 3rd, 2005


1. Wyludniacz
2. Popioły
3. Nieruchomo
4. Miejsce pod słońcem
5. Dzyń
6. Ciało i duch
7. Pieśń przygodna
8. Piosenka liczb
9. Święto jaskółki
10. Skończyłem rozpoczynaj

Also includes:
2 music videos (1. Trzy bajki 2. Wyludniacz), Interview with Budzy, Biography, Discography, Desktop images & Weblinks

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