Artist: Arabesque
Title: The Union
Label/ Date: Lion Music 2002


1. Freaking [7:35]
2. Haunted [7:23]
3. Inner Voice [6:28]
4. Last Attempt [7:33]
5. Naked [6:15]
6. Captured [8:25]
7. Instant Daydream [8:20]
8. Heal Me [6:20]
9. The Union [7:11]
10. Emotions [4:48]
11. Afraid To Fly [6:07]

The Review:

Formed back in 1989 as an instrumental trio Arabesque grew into a powerhouse of progressive based sonic metallic assaults.

Their first full album was released recently by Lion Music and it showcases the band's music mixture of Metal, Hard rock, Symphonic and spacey sound with a dual female vocals of Nicole & Katja. Theses ladies aren't afraid to belt out agressive style vocals even borderline grunts in a "rap" style on "Haunted" to some angelic styles on the melodic sounding "Heal Me".
One intrumental on the CD shows their technical abilities with amazing sound tectures, that song is "Instant Daydream".

By far one of my favorite prog-metal releases so far in 2002. I would have to definitely recommend this to fans of the harder/heavier based progressive music.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on August 3rd, 2002

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